The PureRobotics pipe inspection system is a modular transporter designed to carry sensors and tools through pipelines. The advanced robotic crawler is safer than manned inspections, especially for wastewater and where regulations are keeping people out of pipes in favour of unmanned solutions.


In the Fall of 2015, while working at Pure Technologies Ltd, I was asked to produce a promotional video for the latest generation of the PureRobotics inspection system. Working with digital agency Evolve, the short promo was produced over a 5 month period. I worked with communication writer Mark Fodchuk and the marketing department of Pure Technologies to produced the video.

We started with interviewing creator James Milward about the robot and then proceeded to write our own script. Every scene in the video was preconceptualized through writing and heavy story-boarding. 

It was a long process, to get the direction of the video just right before it was even shot.   3d Generalist, Kris Howald, came on board to help out with the 3D computer animation. All animation was completed in a timely manner using Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Mari, After Effects and Nuke.  Production of the video spanned 3 days, across two cities, Ottawa and Mississauga. Two days were spent filming the robot and interviewing the team.

  • Executive Producer: Norvin Eitzen
  • Producer: Esmond Ruslim, Mark Fodchuk & James Ridout
  • Directed by: Esmond Ruslim & James Ridout
  • PureRobotics Created by: Pure Technologies
  • Shot by : Silvio Bugaretti and Mike Codner
  • Edited by James Ridout 
  • VFX and Computer Animation by: Kris Howald

In May 2016 - The 2016 Telly Awards announced that we won a Silver Award in the first ever "Branded Communication and Entertainment - Business to Business" category.