PureRobotics™ - Robotic Pipeline Inspection

PureRobotics is powerful robotic pipeline inspection system that can be configured to inspect virtually any pipe application 24-inches (609 millimeters) and larger. Capable of performing multi-sensor inspections in dewatered pipe or while submerged, the third generation PureRobotics pipeline inspection system can travel a total of 1.8 miles (2.9 kilometers) from a single point of access

How it works

The advanced, remotely operated robotic crawler is tethered by a high-strength, fiber optic cable. The modular-based transporter is completely open ended, and can be equipped with any tool or sensor required to carry out an inspection, providing a wide variety of high quality data, including:

  • High definition digital pan-tilt-zoom closed circuit television (CCTV) for live video streams
  • High speed pipe-profiling SONAR to measure the pipeline’s size, shape and level of corrosion
  • Laser profiling and LIDAR with 3D reporting capabilities
  • PureEM™ and electromagnetic sensors for assessing the structural integrity of pipelines
  • XYZ geographic mapping using modular high end inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • Additional sensors or technologies that can be integrated based on customer requirements

Why Use PureRobotics Pipeline Inspection System?

  • Capable of performing short and long-range inspections under various operating conditions
  • Applicable to water, wastewater, industrial and power applications
  • Robot’s track feet can be changed out depending on the pipe type and expanded for larger diameter pipes
  • No need for manned entry and no requirements to de-water
  • Maximum speeds of 85 feet/minute allow for advanced inspection during time-critical shutdowns
  • Data results can be immediate, as the system is housed in a portable, state-of-the-art trailer, with three integrated monitors for detailed analysis
  • Robot can be changed from single stage to double stage and vice versa in under 5 minutes

Role: Producer / Director / Storyboard Artist / Writer: Esmond Ruslim

In the Fall of 2015, while working at Pure Technologies Ltd, I was asked to produce a promotional video for the latest generation of the PureRobotics inspection system. Working with digital agency Evolve, the short promo was produced over a 5 month period. I worked with communication writer Mark Fodchuk and the marketing department of Pure Technologies to produced the video.

We started with interviewing creator James Milward about the robot and then proceeded to write our own script. Every scene in the video was pre-conceptualized through writing and heavy story-boarding. 

It was a long process, to get the direction of the video just right before it was even shot.   3d Generalist, Kris Howald, came on board to help out with the 3D computer animation. All animation was completed in a timely manner utilizing Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Mari, After Effects and Nuke.  Production of the video spanned 3 days, across two cities, Ottawa and Mississauga. Two days were spent filming the robot and interviewing the team, followed by a single day inspection.

  • Producer: Esmond Ruslim, Mark Fodchuk & James Ridout
  • Directed by: Esmond Ruslim & James Ridout
  • Shot by : Silvio. B and Mike. C
  • Edited by James Ridout
  • VFX and Computer Animation by: Kris. H

Winner of a 2016 Silver Telly Award!

In May 2016 - The 2016 Telly Awards announced that we won a Silver Award in the first ever "Branded Communication and Entertainment - Business to Business" category.